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"Sometimes, you need guys like us to guide you on how to get a girl who is a whim?  Strong? Cold-heart? Harden heart? Sweet heart? Let us help you with this." the two boys mused as they warp their arms around the shoulder of their little friend, who was then to fluster at this ‘love advice’ they wanted to help with.

"Dudes get yer butts, back to work!!" Meridan yelled at them in the back room, and mumbles afterward, "…what a goon…"

i guess a GB ROBTD au got me in abyss now haha…/sob. 

Astrider actually dated Hiccup (real name is Hilary), and Rapz [Raphael] dated Eugenia and obvious Meridan don’t date everyone, which is why he seem to get easily annoyed by that. Toothie haven’t date everyone except for that chick who rode her vespa everywhere in Burgess and he cant, really honesty, chat her for there are rumors about her.