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I believe this week will help me rid of lost ability to draw these two cuties like before. So here’s Day 1: The Beginnings & Day 2: Something Sweet because originally I wasn’t going to join in because school/lalala but I felt a urge to do it and since today’s jan 20 and im pretty late so post it altogether bwah;;

so here is it!

Day 1: Beginnings - I believe their very first meet was when Tooth’s pretty new to Burgress and one day on a xmas eve, she hit by the amount of snow out of nowhere and when she wipe it off and look up just to find a boy, her age, laughing and smirking….showing teeth—-and thus their beginning of a new strange friendship because im a poop thinker hrghhh

Day 2: Something Sweet - Can pockey count as sweet; I was going for a baking something similar but went naww lets go with “Jack teasing Tooth to eat the tip of the pocky he had in his mouth” hohohohohoho—-like i said, i’m a poop thinker bohohohoh;; ;^;” 

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